Marikina Official Water Level Monitoring

Fellow Marikeños, do you still know the meanings of the different alarms that you’ll hear whenever there is a risk of water levels being too high?


Definitions of Siren Alarms Marikina City


The Marikina City PIO would like us to review this.

1st Alarm
– 1 minute continuous airing
– Water level is at 15 meters
– Prepare to evacuate

2nd Alarm
– 2 minutes intermittent airing
– Water level is at 16 meters already
– Evacuate to designated centers

3rd Alarm
– 5 minute continuous airing
– Water level is now at a dangerous 18 meters
– Forced Evacuation


Btw, if you’re still thinking if climate change is real, yes it is. Let’s be safe everyone. At the time of writing this, Japan was just hit by heavy rainfall a few days ago which is one of the heaviest in their history.


Source: Marikina City PIO


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