Captain America Civil War Movie Review – Spoilers Alert


Here is my quick review of the much anticipated Marvel movie “Captain America Civil War.” Please be advised that I’m in no way a good movie critic but I like to put my thoughts in to some things. SPOILER ALERT! So if you haven’t watched the movie yet, please skip this review. :0)

Let me first say, that now I know how book fanatics give movies that adopted the book title some hard criticisms. This may also be the case when I watched this movie after reading the comics.


– Falcon looks badass as he fights using his wings while in the ground. He uses it as his shield against enemy bullets.
– Black Panther appears with a good looking suit and action scenes were also awesome.
– Airport fight scene! Epic!
– Ant-Man grows BIG!
– The Amazing Spider-man appears! Nothing less of this favorite comic hero. Amazing fight scenes and amazing commentary skills while fighting!


– The movie gives more emphasis on the heroes, particularly the Avengers as being regulated and not registered. What I mean by this is that the emphasis is more on the control of the heroes where as in the comics, it’s the same but the concern of the heroes is more on being registered and identified. Being registered means that they will need to publicized their true identities behind the mask. This is a big concern for heroes who hide their identities to protect their friends and family.
– With Captain America being righteous and all, it just doesn’t feel good of him leaving his comrades and flying away with the Winter Soldier.

When I read the comics, I was Team Captain America but while watching this movie; my heart was with Team Ironman just because of all the decisions Captain America made here. All in all, this movie was very entertaining, more so than the Batman vs Superman movie (which is another review).

I’ll still give this an 8.5 out of 10. I highly recommend watching Captain America Civil War. I believe it’s still showing in cinemas. Until next time! :0)

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