How to Enjoy Halloween in Manila


It’s neither the time when you come across your ex’s photo in a memory box nor seeing your latest monthly bills hanging at the door of your fridge.  It’s that time of the year again when you see TV hosts explore haunted houses, do cover stories about ghosts, and check on paranormal activities in historic eerie places.  It’s Halloween!


If your typical Halloween is just boringly watching Scooby Doo solve mysteries and horror documentaries, then you might need to change a bit and make it more fun and exciting.  Have you heard about Breakout Philippines and Mystery Manila?  These are two trending places that I recommend you to check out especially this Halloween.  Breakout Philippines gives you the tensioned feeling of having to be locked-up and it is up to you to free yourself from that place.  It gets more exciting when it’s time pressured and you know that there are “zombies” and “ghosts” lurking around to get you.   Breakout Philippines is somewhat inspired by “The Walking Dead” TV series and by the movie “Don’t Breathe.”




Mystery Manila has the same objective as that of Breakout Philippines.  It’s to get out of the place or room “alive.”  In Mystery Manila, the way to get out is focused more in answering mysteries and solving puzzles.  The tension and excitement is still there because you are only given a limited amount of time to escape the room.


Let’s not forget the little kids.  Halloween time also coincides with semestral break.  Kids these days will tend to stay at home and play with their gadgets.  It is best to immerse children to fun social activities like Treat or Treats.  They can wear their favorite costumes as they go around the community asking for candies.  If you community isn’t hosting a Trick or Treat event, you might want to check out Kidzania.  There will be a “Treasure Hunting” activity at their place on October 28 to 31.  An event in Riverbanks Mall, Marikina will hold a costume competition and will award a Best Hero or Fairy costume on October 29.  Children will definitely love these events.


Whether you are sharing this event or occasion with your family or friends, it’s a great time to spend some quality time with important people in your life.  Be sure to don’t skip on this opportunity!


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