Top Football Anime Shows

Top Football Anime Shows

Fans of football or soccer and anime get together as we have here a list of recommended football animes.


First on the list is Aoki Densetsu Shoot! Or Legendary Blue Shot in English. It has a total of 58 episodes and aired November 7, 1993 to December 25, 1994.

Three highschool freshmen are the main protagonists here. They are Toshihiko Tanaka, Kenji Shiraishi, and Kazuhiro Hiramatsu. They are the so called “Golden Trio” who will lead Kakegawa High to victory.


Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma Eleven is also known as Lightning Eleven. The team is led by their captain and goal keeper, Mamoru Endou.

This isn’t your typical realistic sports anime show. Although the main sport here is football or soccer, you’ll see amazing skills using individual characters’ unique abilities and power. This is still a fun football anime to watch.

Inazume Eleven has 127 episodes that aired from October 5, 2008 to April 27, 2011.


Ginga e Kickoff!!

Ginga e Kickoff!! Translates to Kickoff to the Galaxy! This soccer anime show aired from April 3, 2012 to February 26, 2013. It had 39 episodes. The story revolves around a group of elementary school students who call themselves the Momoyama Predators.

The anime starts with Shou Oota, the main character, being the only one left in the soccer club, looking for new members for the team.



Whistle! Started its show May 5, 2002 and ended February 3, 2003. It had a total of 39 episodes.

The story is about Sho Kazamatsuri. He is not the best player in the team but with hard work, he manages to be an integral part of their football team. One of the highlights in this anime is his zero degree goal!


The Knight in the Area

Eria no Kishi in Japanese is one of my favorite football themed anime shows. The anime started January 2012 and ended September 2012 with a total of 37 episodes.

This is about Kakeru Aizawa who has a strong bond with his older brother which is both the reason why he stopped playing as well as gave him more motivation to play again and continue working hard to be part of the national team.


Giant Killing

Giant Killing has a total of 26 episodes that aired from April 2010 to September 2010. This is also one of my favorites because football actions in this anime are very realistic.

The football anime show is about the East Tokyo United football team who struggled so much earlier and became one of the top football teams.


Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

This football anime started showing September 2002 and ended September 2003 with 52 episodes. Did you know that the author of this anime is also the author of Captain Tsubasa?!

Main protagonist is this anime is Kano Kyosuke who is a striker for the team. He’s a little brother of a more famous football player. He tries to lead his team Jyoyo Orange High School to victory as he chases after his older brother.


The last but definitely not the least is Captain Tsubasa. This soccer anime show got me all started in watching other football animes out there. The anime aired from October 1983 to March 1986. I did however watched it in the year 2000’s. It has a 128 episodes in total.

The story is about Tsubasa Oozora who has an awesome talent in football from when he was a kid until his adulthood where he’s already a member of the Japanese football national team. One of his more famous skills or shots is his drive shot!

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