Brad and Pit’s Ribshack

Brad and Pits Ribshack

Brad and Pits Ribshack Foods

It’s our 3rd issue of Businesses in Marikina. This time, we have a restaurant that’s very famous for its ribs. Brad and Pit’s Ribshack serves one of the best ribs in Marikina City.


Why are you in business?
Our goal is to earn income to support our families, at the same time providing opportunities for our employees.


How did you decide that you want to put up this kind of business?
We are passionate about food. We feel it’s one of the industries that can bring instant joy to customers. Also, it allows us to express our creativity by coming up with unique dishes.


Does your business have a mission or do you have core values in your business?
Our mission is to serve delicious food that is affordable to most Filipinos


Brad and Pits Ribshack Famous Ribs


What is your management style?
We are very hands on with the business, but we rely on delegation and proper boundaries so that each one is accountable for their own roles.


Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? The next ten years?
Hopefully in the next five years we have put up additional branches of our Restaurant. We currently have 2 branches – one in Lilac St., Marikina, and the other in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. We want to go into Malls now. In 10 years, we hope to have more food concepts under our corporation. And we hope to establish a retail business of our condiments and frozen food products.


What is the best selling point of your business?
Our selling point is DELICIOUS, and AFFORDABLE meals.


Brad and Pits Ribshack Inside the Shop


Who are your customers?
Most of our customers are office workers, barkadas, to families. Class Broad C to B.


What are the biggest issues for running this business?
Like most businesses, handling employees is the hardest. You need to be firm, but fair. It takes an army to run a restaurant.


Are there any other information would you like to share to our readers?
To keep up with quality standards, we use imported pork ribs from UK or USA, because their quality and cuts are more consistent. We recognize that quality, portion, and taste are very important to our customers, therefore we put those three above all others.


Brad and Pit’s Ribshack
116 Lilac St., Bgy Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
503 1656 / 0917 885 0550


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