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Issue number 7 of Businesses in Marikina introduces a “feel good” business. This is Butternails Nail Salon. Co-owner April Ancheta shares with us in-depth details about the business.


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Why are you in business?
We wanted to earn more from what we get from our day jobs. Nowadays, investing in businesses and having that additional income pave the way for stability. Who wouldn’t want to be their own bosses, right?


How did you decide that you want to put up this kind of business?
In this fast-paced society, people are on the lookout for a relaxing experience. We thought of putting up a nail salon business in the middle of the neighborhood to cater to men and women who wants that experience. Despite the label, “nail salon”, we offer a holistic relaxation that you don’t usually find in a typical beauty parlor – glutathione therapy sessions, threading, of course, nail, hand and foot care and soon, spa party, massage, and eyelash extensions and perming.


Does your business have a mission or do you have core values in your business?
Our mission is to create delightful customer experiences – we aim not just to satisfy but to delight our customers. We aim to stay true to this mission by maintaining these values:

Beauty – we aim to offer what is pleasing to the eyes and healthy for the body.
Uniqueness – we aim to stand out among competitors by providing unique customer service.
Tranquility – we aim to provide peace and tranquility for your relaxation.
Trust – we aim to gain your trust and earn another visit from customers and referrals.
Empathy – we aim to understand how you wish to have your relaxation day.
Relationships – we aim to create good customer relationship.


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What is your management style?
PARTICIPATIVE – when we entered the business, we just knew what a quality nail salon provides but we didn’t know the science behind it. We had to do a lot of research and part of that is giving our employees an active role in putting up the business.


Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? The next ten years?
Right now, we have the basic services a nail salon could offer, in the next year; we would have probably established a full-blown set of services – with spa party offers, massage and all. In the next five years, we could probably have several branches and in 10 years (or even earlier), there’s a good chance that our nail salon business will be tied up with mobile services and food.


What is the best selling point of your business?
It’s the affordable prices and the customer-focused services. People are always happy in the salon. Aside from a relaxed body, they also leave the salon with happy faces.


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Who are your customers?
We cater to all types of customers – men and women, kids, teens, young professionals who are always on the go, mothers as well as fathers and the elderly.


What are the biggest issues for running this business?
Nail technician piracy is a chronic problem in the industry. One day you have enough nail technicians, and then the next day, you are cramming to find a replacement for one employee who got pirated by another business. Focusing on your employees’ welfare is important.


Do you have other businesses?
This is the sole business we are focusing on although as owners we also have other sources of income on the side and of course, our day jobs.


Everything that we provide in Butternails are hand-picked. We don’t just get products we don’t know and offer it to our customers just to earn money. We must know our products, try them out and offer what’s good for the customer and the business.

We have daily discounts on selected services plus a loyalty card so that the more customers visit the salon, they get perks.

Check out our facebook and Instagram page to get know more perks and discounts. Feel free to contact us anytime to schedule your salon trip. We would be glad to answer all your questions. See you at Butternails!


Butternails Nail Salon
79 JP Rizal St., Calumpang Marikina
0995 234 1903



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