Grissini Ristorante

Grissini Ristorante

Grissini Ristorante will be joining us in our 8th issue of Businesses in Marikina. They’re about to open their restaurant here in Gil Fernando. We look forward to tasting out their dishes.


Taste of Italy store name


Why are you in business?

I entered the restaurant business to have an outlet for my passion for cooking and baking. Having my own restaurant would allow me to put my education and creativity into practice while creating jobs for others as well.


How did you decide that you want to put up this kind of business?

It all started back in Naga City, my hometown. The local government wanted to have a food destination for the people of Naga City. Luckily, we were one of the residents who got considered to rent the space. The concept was a brainchild of our chef / business partner, he thought of putting up an Italian restaurant because it is very close to the hearts of the Filipinos.


Does your business have a mission or do you have core values in your business?

In our restaurant, we put utmost importance on good food and service. We work hard to provide each of our customers a good and memorable dining experience that they would look forward to visiting again.


Taste of Italy pizza


What is your management style?

I treat my employees just like family. We maintain a two-way communication between employer and employee. I encourage each one of them to share their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions when making decisions to make them feel that they play an important part in the success of the business.


Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? The next ten years?

Our aim is to open more branches in key parts of Metro Manila, have more people try our food by bringing it closer to them. I believe that our concept, given its good food and service, can compete with other players in the industry.


What is the best selling point of your business?

What differentiates Grissini Ristorante apart from other restaurants on its category is that the dishes we prepare are made fresh daily. Diners can expect tasty Italian fare that is generous in serving but reasonably priced. It’s a place where you can have great tasting Italian dishes daily without breaking the bank.


Taste of Italy cheese cake


Who are your customers?

Grissini is for people who enjoy their food fresh in a cozy and relaxing ambiance; a place perfect for family, colleagues and friends to hangout or just a place where they can unwind after a long day.


What are the biggest issues for running this business?

One of the most challenging issues we are facing is that every month there are new restaurants opening left and right and while we provide good food and service you can’t blame diners to try it. Loyalty nowadays is a very tough battle to win but we are not discouraged by it. We’ll continue what we do best by serving consistently good food and providing each guest excellent service and hopefully one day we get to be the preferred Italian restaurant in the areas we serve.


Do you have other businesses?

We have our main branch in Naga City and opening a new restaurant concept soon in Marikina also.


Grissini Ristorante
Lot 3 Blk 4 Mayor Gil Fernando Ave., Sto. Niño, Marikina City
275 8578 | 0906 223 8773 | 0929 706 9017



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