Kingfit Fitness Center

Kingfit Fitness Center functional training center

Kingfit Fitness Center
0922.809.0336 | 0917.839.7176
Unit 2C 2nd Floor Citi Center 2 Bldg. JP Rizal St. Nangka Marikina City (Above BDO Nangka)

Kingfit Fitness Center is a Functional + Rehab Fitness Center that aims to help people achieve their fitness goals and improve their fitness condition by incorporating workout in their everyday routine.

Kingfit Fitness is not only a functional training center but a rehab training center as well because our programs are designed to help people perform better in their regular activities without pain, restriction and most importantly prevent injuries

We are here to help, motivate and inspire them throughout their fitness journey with us.

Kingfit Fitness Center rehabilitation center

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