Marikina Food Maker of The Day: AVGL Shop


Here’s another segment of our Marikina Food Maker of the Day! This time, we’ll feature AVGL Shop. Hi! What’s the name of your shop?

MN: When did it all started?
AVGL: July of 2015

MN: How did you start making food as your business?
AVGL: I started selling on-line a starting capital of P1,300. My daughter’s birthday was coming really soon and I wanted to come up with something I know that came from my own pocket and efforts, since I was currently unemployed then.

I started from beauty products, but it was not in demand. Since food is a necessary for us people, I switched from beauty products to foods and sweets. These are not originally mine. I also get my stocks from a direct supplier. Right now, chicken cordon bleu and leche flans are very in demand because Christmas is very near. I’ll have Grandha’s sansrival and sylvannas available soon!

MN: What are your most popular products?
AVGL: Chicken cordon bleus and leche flans.

MN: Where do you see your business 2 years from now?
AVGL: 2 years from now, I can see that this business will have higher sales rate and will have its own physical shop. I may not be able to focus on it; but I’ll never let the business stop.

MN: What can you advise our readers who would like to put up the same business?
AVGL: My advice to those who want to put up a small business like this is that, you always have to put your heart in selling, and never ever be ashamed of what you are doing. I do offer my products sa mga kasakay ko sa jeep pag nagpi-pick-up ako. You have to love what you are doing. You have to love what you are doing, eh ano kung tinder ka? At least we do not hurt nor step on other people’s foot. We do not steal from anyone, so be proud na tindera ka. Sipag at tyaga lang po talaga pinaka puhunan bukod sa cash. And make your family as your inspiration, and never ever forget to thank God and ask for guidance.

AVGL shop is located at Malanday, Marikina. Orders can be made thru phone 0975-304-0541 or send them a message on Facebook They also welcome in doing meet-ups at 711 in front of Roosevelt College Lamuan.

As usual, don’t forget to give them a 5-star rating (located on top of the article). Leave a comment below of your experiences with their shop and share! Thank you very much!

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  1. Masarap yung chicken cordon bleu nya…umorder aq s kanya ng 3… ndi naman aq nagsisi sa pagbili kasi masarap talaga sya… tapos yung latest nyang sansrival… gusto ko din itry.. 🙂

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