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If you’re like me who sells my pre-loved stuffs or items that I no longer use online, this list will definitely help. This will also help buy and sell businesses to spread the word online of their products and/or services.

Normally you would want to list your ads on sites that have tons of traffic. When I say traffic, this means that there are a lot of visitors going to that site. It is also ideal to post your ads on product or service specific ad listing sites. So if you’re selling an auto part, then it’s better to post it on an auto buy and sell site. Same goes for other items. For this post, I’ll be listing buy and sell sites that accommodate pretty much any product or service.

I’ve compiled a list of sites that I think are good enough to invest time and effort in placing your ads. I’m also registered to these sites and have posted some ads already. This list will also show an estimated amount of traffic collected from,, and They are definitely not as accurate as Google Analytics but for “very” rough estimates, these should do for now.


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Another site which is not listed is You can use Facebook to find “buy and sell” groups. Personally, groups in Facebook,, and are the sites I get the most feedbacks from. I hope this list helps you and have a great time buying and selling! Btw, I’m still checking out as I publish this post.

Do you know other sites besides listed above? Please let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

*Post Update
I’m not using anymore. I’m unable to post ads here. Last time I checked, I wasn’t able to register at I had problems in their registration form. Please let me know if you guys were able to work around this. Thanks!

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