Tito Rex’s Goto Marinduque and Steakhouse

Tito Rex Nangka

Tito Rex is a very popular place to eat goto, steak, and much more here in Marikina, specifically at Nangka. They even have a branch that is as popular in Bataan. This is the 9th issue of Marikina Businesses here at MarikinaNegosyo.com.


Grilled Ribeye tito rex


Why are you in business?

When we were younger, having a business is one of our goals in life. So having a business of our own and being entrepreneurs is an achievement. Running your own business is making money and at the same time, enjoying what you desired long ago. You manage your own time and learn a lot of things along the way.


How did you decide that you want to put up this kind of business?

Putting up your own restaurant require a lot of considerations. We decided to put up this kind of business because food is one basic need of a human being. Everyone eats, and that is one good market. And if you go look at our menu, each dish fits the needs of our customer’s taste buds. And as the budget is voila! Affordable yet the quality is excellent.


Does your business have a mission or do you have core values in your business?

Our vision/mission is to be recognized by our customers and critics as an Authentic Filipino Cuisine. We aim to exceed expectations in all respects. However an emphasis will be placed on our core values:


We Value and Respect everyone who comes through, either guests or our staff, their knowledge and well-being our highest priority.

At all times it will be to remember why we are in business, and that reason is to make money. All staff should be aware of this fact and encouraged to increase the efficiency of the business.

However, we do not measure our success purely based on financial aspects. We believe that a business is not a success without happy staff and happy customers – and that this should be maintained as an ongoing goal of the business.


Messy Cheesy Burger tito rex


What is your management style?

We designate a manager in charge of all the operations happening around the resto. He is the one commanding the cooks, waiters, waitresses and cashiers what to do. Each of these individuals have their own designated job to do so that they have their own businesses to mind and there wouldn’t be a mix up in doing the work. We ensure quality service, not only the hospitality of our staffs and managers but also the quality of the dishes that we serve. We also maintain cleanliness in our restaurant to make sure that our customers will always come back and will not neglect the service that we provide them.


Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? The next ten years?

Tito Rex’s Goto Marinduque and Steakhouse currently have 3 branches: Katipunan, Nangka and Bataan. Years from now, we see our business expanding and adding more branches. Right now, we have inquiries for franchise which overwhelms and excites us.


What is the best selling point of your business?

For every customer, quality and taste of the food is what they look for when eating at restaurants. Here at Tito Rex’s Goto Marinduque and Steakhouse, we offer quality foods which we know would fit the tastebuds of Filipino consumer of every age yet the price is budget friendly and very affordable. We are very proud when it comes to our specialties such as Steaks, Goto Marinduque, Longganisa de Calumpit and our famous homemade Tapa.


Shake Choco tito rex


Who are your customers?

Based on our observation, we cater to different classes of people. From the quality of foods we serve and the service we provide to each and every customer. These people are coming back for more because we satisfy their cravings as seen on our menu.


What are the biggest issues for running this business?

Even though you give the best service, quality foods etc., there are still competitors who do the same business as ours. Running a food business caters everyone but a lot of entrepreneurs are doing it as well. So what we could do best is to give our customers not just satisfactory, but the best service we could provide them and treat them as special as we could.

We now deliver within Marikina City and nearby Marikina. We also offers special arrangements for Party Packages and Catering Services.


Do you have other businesses?

For now we focus on this business until we could shift into another.


Tito Rex’s Goto Marinduque and Steakhouse
Nangka Marikina Branch: Egypt St. Greenheights Nangka Marikina
Operates from : 7am-11pm / Tuesday’s to Sunday’s

Katipunan St. Marikina Branch: Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
(Corner Pio del Pilar and Rainbow streets)
Operates from : 7am-11pm / Tuesday’s to Sunday’s

Dinalupihan, Bataan Branch: Sta Isabel Dinalupihan Bataan
(Near Layac junction-left side)
Operates from: Friday to Sunday – 11am to 11pm
Tuesday to Thursday – 4pm – 11pm

0906 4906179 | 0908 8699223




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