Forgotten Traffic Violations


Here are some traffic rules that are violated by drivers who forgot that there is a rule like this or have forgotten about it. The information was taken from MMDA’s mobile app.

1. Cutting an Overtaken Vehicle

This happens quite often. A lot of drivers do not know that they need to have enough space before re-entering their previous lane after overtaking another vehicle. This falls under code 030.

2. Driving in Slippers

Most likely quite a few are guilty of this. Not sure however if there’s a violation if you’re driving bare footed. This falls under code 050.

3. Driving in Sleeveless Shirt

This is really an unknown rule to me. I’m not sure if the enforcers know this as well. How come a lot of drivers especially in “high-end” areas are seen wearing their fancy jerseys and not apprehended? How about women who wear sleeveless attires? This falls under code 051.

There’s a lot of information you can get by just browsing the FAQ in their app. I’ll post a few more in the coming days.

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