Dental Tips 101 – Brushing

Dental Tips 101 - Brushing

Worn Out Toothbrushes



  1. Brush your teeth 3x a day.
  2. Use regular tooth paste with fluoride.
  3. Avoid prolong use of whitening tooth paste; this could lead to sensitivity of your teeth due to the bleaching chemical present.
  4. Avoid using tooth paste with abrasives it may cause too much abrasion to the enamel part of your tooth causing sensitivity.
  5. Use enough amount of toothpaste; too much is not good for your teeth.
  6. Brush properly; be sure to touch all surfaces of the tooth to remove all food debris and preventing tartar to accumulate. Gargle very well until all bubbles are gone.
  7. Use a dental floss to remove remaining food debris in between each tooth, bristles of the brush sometimes cannot remove this debris. Lastly, use an alcohol free mouthwash to freshen your breathe.

“Don’t RUSH when you BRUSH”


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