Face Your Facial


kutis_filipina_image_2Taking care of the face is one of the most tedious part of my practice as an Aesthetic Doctor. It is not as simple as what other clinics or facial centers think it is. First of all, each skin is unique to each individual. There’s no same face skin due to the fact of different age, sex, environment, and activities. Secondly, the product that it is used and how can it affect the skin. And lastly the efficacy of the machine and how it can compliment the treatment care.

All of this factor can contribute to the condition of the skin and the outcome of it superficially. Many treatment promises anti-aging, brightening of even acne cure, but most of the time they fell short in delivering their result. So how can you protect yourself from all the choices out there or better yet which one is best for your skin.

Several precautions that you can consider

– Check if the staff in the facility takes the time to talk with you and takes note your concerns.

– Observe if they examine your face for the concern you went in.

– Make sure they have an impression somehow on what the problem is.

– They provide you solution that is best for you to the best of their ability.

– They explain your condition and why that treatment is the best choice.

– They advise you for follow-up visits.

– They explain your take home regimen.

– But most importantly they tell you what to expect and what to do.


It’s crucial to pick the facility where you plan to do your treatments; because you’ll be returning to them more often than you expect and also you’ll be allowing them to put or touch your face for care.

Remember it is cheaper to prevent than to treat, but also it is more crucial to be safe than to be thrift.

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