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In Businesses in Marikina’s 5th issue, we have experts in skin care, Kutis Filipina. Doc Laurence talks to us about how it started and what’s the future of Kutis Filipina.


Why are you in business?
I decided to be in business because I believe that it is one way to make an impact and create change in the society or industry I am in. It is also the best way to expand my service to other Filipino.


How did you decide that you want to put up this kind of business?
I saw that the beauty industry is one of the biggest and fastest industry that is growing in our country and saw the need for Filipino to be always informed of the continuous changes and advancement in the industry.


Does your business have a mission or do you have core values in your business?
The core value of our company is to create great standard for delivering service and product to our customer. To be always align with our belief that we are unique in every single way.


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What is your management style?
I make sure everything in my company is performing in its optimal level and make sure efficiency on all aspect of work is applied.


Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? The next ten years?
We see ourselves one year from now to have an optimal working engine in delivering service. Five years from now we see ourselves expanded in the Philippines and Southeast Asian region. 10 years from now we see ourselves on the global market competing on other great companies.


What is the best selling point of your business?
Continuous R&D by the owner itself and we try to be innovative always, but at the same time embracing what is proven and making it affordable to our clients.


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Who are your customers?
Our customer are those who wants to achieve skin care by preventive measure and those who wants to give themselves a break from the stresses of life.


What are the biggest issues for running this business?
Since it is a service oriented business people retention is always look into and people development.


Do you have other businesses?
My wife & I are also into the financial industry business.


Are there any other information would you like to share to our readers?
Prevention is cheaper that than cure even in skin care. Visit Kutis Filipina for a more personalize approach to skin care.


Kutis Filipina
2nd Floor ESJ Building Gil Fernando Ave., Brgy. San Roque, Marikina City, Philippines
0917 5038784
646 0807




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