18 Amazing Health Benefits Of Massage

Amazing Health Benefits Massage

There are many health benefits you can get from having a body massage. Here are some that you should know more about.

1. Relieves Anxiety, Depression, And Stress

There are not many studies to really give a definite answer as to why having a massage can help relieve anxiety, depression.

But there are many claims from people, who are suffering from these conditions, that having a good body massage gives them relief from these conditions.

2. May Reduce Edema

The condition of edema is when you have swelling in your hands or feet caused by excessive fluids in your body.

Massages can help reduce this by promoting the draining of these fluids through different systems in your body.

3. Improves Flexibility

A full body massage can help you increase your range of motion and improve your flexibility.

It’s able to relax and loosen tight muscles and prevents the formation of tendons and ligaments around your joints which can be a problem in the future.

This can be one of the best health benefits of massage for dancers and performers.

4. Improves Posture

Some tissues in your body can become rigid and tight and can affect your posture.

Massaging can help soften these tissues making sure that you keep your proper posture.

5. Helps The Immune System

It’s said that massaging your body can help stimulate your lymphatic system.

This assists your immune system in protecting your body.

Some also pointed out that people who have a high level of stress are more susceptible to different illnesses and injuries.

If you combine stress with poor nutrition and lack of sleep, this can bring your body’s immune system down.

This is where the relaxing effect of massages can help with this.

6. Improves Sleep

The relaxing effect of a body massage can give you a good deep sleep that your body needs.

Although there’s only limited allowed time to stay in massage shops, this effect extends to when you go home and get ready for a good night’s sleep.

7. Reduces Fatigue

Besides relaxing your body, massages can also help reduce fatigue.

One of the causes of fatigue is the accumulation of metabolic waste and toxins in your body.

Massages can help stimulate your body’s systems to flush out these unwanted toxins out of your body.

8. Lowers Blood Pressure

There are claims that having a full body massage can help reduce blood pressure levels.

This may be because of its relaxing effect.

In reverse, if you feel stressed or tensed, your blood pressure may shoot up.

Some long-term studies showed that consistent massage sessions can reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

9. Relieves Pain And Stiffness

A group of massage professionals stated that a full-body massage can release endorphins which can act as a pain reliever.

Massaging tired and overused muscles can help make it relax and soften.

There are also anecdotes that will tell you that massages help with chronic pains caused by different conditions like arthritis.

10. May Prevent Asthma

A full body massage can lep loosens tensed muscles that hinder your respiratory system.

It will help you take deeper breaths and give you more energy as a byproduct.

Touch Research Institute made a study that showed regular body massage was able to improve lung function for children who are suffering from asthma.

11. Supports Skin Care

Having a massage can help remove your dead skin cells and may improve your skin tone.

Since it can also stimulate blood circulation, your skin also benefits from it.

More oxygen and nutrients are distributed encouraging skin tissue regeneration.

12. Improves Blood Circulation

A body massage may be able to help improve your blood circulation.

It can increase the circulation of oxygen and nutrients throughout your body.

Improved blood circulation can help prevent blood clotting and varicose veins.

13. Supports Digestive System Health

Massage can help stimulate peristalsis which is the movement of your intestines.

In effect, it can help prevent constipation.

It’s also able to aid in the release of digestive hormones which can improve the absorption of nutrients from the foods you eat.

14. Lessens Premenstrual Syndrome

If you’re experiencing premenstrual syndromes like being moody, in pain, or having anxiety, it is suggested that you should have a full body massage.

It’s said that it can help lessen or relieve these conditions through massaging.

15. Relieves Headaches And Migraines

There are experts that will tell you that massages can help decrease the frequency and severity of headaches.

You may have already known this since the first and natural thing that you may do when you have a headache is massage your head.

16. Stimulates The Nervous System

During a massage session, your body is pressed and patted. Your muscles are massaged.

One of the effects of this is that your nerves under your skin are stimulated and can make them work better.

Ayurvedic claims will also tell you that massages can help sharpen your senses and focus your mind.

17. Helps Remove Toxins

The improved blood circulation caused by massaging can already help eliminate toxins in your body.

During a massage, it can also promote sweating which is another way to remove water waste and toxins.

18. Improves Heart Health

There are different effects of massage that we’ve mentioned earlier that can lead to a healthier heart.

Since massages help improve your blood pressure and blood circulation, it can eventually help improve your heart health.


These are just some of the amazing health benefits you can get from a good relaxing body massage.

The information we provided is for resource purposes only.

You should first speak with your doctor or health professional first especially if you have a specific condition that may prohibit you from getting a massage.

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