New Look for Tan-Mencias Dental Clinic

New Look for Tan-Mencias Dental Clinic

If you’re from Parang, Marikina City, you’ve definitely passed by Michelle Mil-Tan Dental Clinic which is now called Tan-Mencias Dental Clinic. The clinic was about 10 years old now and the owners thought that it’s about time to renovate and make it better.




In the time of renovation, they’ve also upgraded their equipment. Something new to the clinic are:

1. Digital panoramic xray
2. Air polisher
3. Radiograph room
4. Digital dental charting
5. Patient reminder system

In addition to this, they now have a bigger reception area, a more comfortable waiting area, and a bigger TV screen for entertainment purposes.

The reasons why they decided to renovate:

1. They needed a bigger reception area.
2. A cooler or cozier waiting and/or dental time.
3. Equipment for in-house diagnosis and treatment

They’ve officially opened the newly renovated clinic last August 20, 2017. You can visit the clinic at 44 G. Del Pilar street, Barangay Parang, NGI, Marikina City. You can call for inquires 0905 9511074 or visit their Facebook page


tan mencias dental clinic 1


tan mencias dental clinic 2


tan mencias dental clinic 3




tan mencias dental clinic 4


tan mencias dental clinic 5


tan mencias dental clinic 6


tan mencias dental clinic 7



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