Connell season 2
(L-R: Momong Villarama, Dela Cruz, Calma, Efren Alicuman, Carlo Benedicto, Arcilla, Ramos)

Connell Basketball is 1 of the 3 new teams trying to make their name in the second season of the ONER3 Basketball. Leading the way for the men from Connell are familiar names such as their Captain Ball Carlo Benedicto and prized recruits big man Efren Alicuman and the gunner Momong Villarama. After dispensing of the powerhouse team R3 Turtles in their first game, other teams are now starting to take notice. Let’s see how Team Connell will fare the rest of the season.


game schedules and results season 2
game 1 schedule and result connel vs r3 turtles
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