Feelings That Are Heightened When You’re In A Relationship

Feelings That Are Heightened When You’re In A Relationship

Most people will tend to look for or wait for his or her partner in life.  Why is this so?  These could be the top 5 reasons in no particular order.


Being in A Relationship


The Feeling of Being Attractive

Vanity is one of the so-called deadly sins and the feeling of being attractive is related to this.  Don’t we all feel that we feel attractive if someone likes us and chose to be with us instead of another person?


Feeling Happy with Life

You feel happier if there’s another person that you want to be happy and in return, he/she reciprocates it by making you feel happier.



The Feeling of Being Accepted

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self-actualization is on the top and the feeling of being accepted is a contributor to it.  When you feel that you’re accepted for who you are, including your flaws is a heightened feel good thing.


The Feeling of Security

Nothing beats feeling that you’ll have someone besides you no matter what.   This is not just the case of being financially secured but also knowing that you have someone at your back all the time.


The Feeling of being Appreciated

This goes by at anything in life.  It could be at school, by your parents, and at work.  This is quite similar to being accepted.  The feeling of being appreciated is leveled up when it’s your actual life-time partner who’s very appreciative of you.


These feelings are very similar to each other and depending on the context could also be one and the same thing.  People are unique.  It will all boil down to as to what your dreams and aspirations are; what you really like in life.  You don’t have to have another person or partner to feel loved.  These are just


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