Nationwide Smoking Ban in Marikina City

Smoking Ban in Marikina

Smoking Ban in Marikina City

A nationwide smoking ban in the Philippines begins on July 23rd of 2017. This is Executive Order 26 – Providing for the Establishment of smoke-free environment in public and enclosed places.


Nationwide Smoking Ban in Marikina City


Here are some locations of No Smoking in enclosed and public places and conveyances.

1. Schools, Colleges, and Universities
2. Playground
3. Restaurants and Food Preparation Areas
4. Basketball Court
5. Stairwell
6. Fire Hazard Risk (Gas Station)
7. Health Center, Clinic, Public and Private Hospital
8. Hotel
9. Mall

a. Elevator
b. Taxi
c. Bus
d. Jeep
e. Ship
f. Tricycle
g. Train
h. Plane


LGU Smoke-Free Task Force will monitor E.O. 26 implementation in collaboration with Philippine National Police (PNP). Smoking will be allowed only in designated smoking areas.

Violations shall be subject to applicable sanctions under R.A. 9211.


This is a public service reminder of Marikina City PIO.



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