Dog Anxiety During Thunderstorms


Have you ever seen your dog stressed out or feeling anxious whenever there is a thunderstorm? I have. Here are some of my tips that I’ve observed that have relieved some if not all of my dog’s anxiety issues during a thunderstorm.

Dog_Anxiety_During_Thunderstorms_2 1. If your dog is outside the house, make sure that he/she is dry and inside the cage safe and sound.

2. If your dog is inside the house, it is better to have him inside a crate with a blanket and a toy.

3. While inside the house, keep the doors and windows shut. This will minimize the sensation of seeing lightning and hearing thunder.

4. Turning on the television or the radio can also keep your furry friend distracted.

One more thing, there’s an unofficial study that dogs can sense a person’s feelings. So, don’t get that feeling of anxiety yourself. Keep calm and collected, the storm will just pass.

I hope these simple tips can help you and your dog.

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