Fungus is Your Camera’s Worst Enemy


Fungus develops in places which are dark and humid. These places could be inside our closets and drawers where we casually keep our precious cameras inside. If these were kept inside for quite some time, the cameras become a haven for fungus, especially between and under your lenses. When this happens, it’ll be very difficult to clean or remove the fungus off. If you clean the lens forcibly, you might damage the special coating on it.


Protect your camera by using an electronic dry box or if you don’t have one, you make one! Here’s how to make your own DIY dry box for your cameras. You only just need 3 things to make a dry box.

  • 1. an airtight container
  • 2. silica gel, moisture absorber, or wireless dehumidifier
  • 3. a hygrometer

Airtight Container

Choose a container that will be able to fit all your equipment: camera, flash, and lenses. It must be airtight to prevent the air outside from entering and to maintain the RH (Relative Humidity) inside it.

container box
Silica gel, moisture absorber, or wireless dehumidifier

Silica gel and moisture absorbers are cheap and available in any hardware stores. It absorbs the moisture from the equipment. You should check and change (if needed) every week, depending on how much humidity is inside the box.

silica gel

moisture absorber


Hygrometers are used to measure the relative humidity (RH) levels. To prevent your camera gears from getting molds and fungus, the storage / dry box should have an RH level of 40 to 50%. In cases where in the hygrometer shows that the RH level is higher than 50% or lower than 40%, you ‘ll need to check the silica gel or your moisture absorber used. If RH level is lower than 40%, you’ll need to more silica gels or the gels need recharging/renewed. If RH level is higher than 50%, this means that it’s too dry inside the box. You may want to remove some of your silica gels or moisture absorbers.


Protect your camera and enjoy cleaner photo shoots without fungus. Happy clicking!

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