5 Best Places to Visit Visayas

5 Best Places to Visit Visayas

Visayas is one of the Philippine’s principal geographical divisions. The first Malays migrated here from mainland Asia and gave its fair share on Filipino history when Ferdinand Magellan discovered it during his last voyage. Aside from its historical contribution, Visayas is known for its white sand beaches that foreign and local tourists love. Although Visayas has a lot to offer, waiting to be discovered.


Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls at Lazi, Siquijor

Hearing Siquijor would usually give you chills for its Filipino creature stories, but going there can just actually give you pure enchantment on its beautiful water forms. One of which is Cambugahay Falls.  Take your swimming up a notch by diving or swinging then plunging to the warm waters of this light turquoise falls. You can reach this Siquijor pride by taking a domestic flight to Dumaguete City and another flight to Siquijor. From there you can hire a motorcycle going to Lazi, where this majestic falls awaits.


chocolate hills bohol

Chocolate Hills, Bohol

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol are grass-covered lime stones that are cone or dome-shaped. These 30-50 feet hills covered in grass dry up during the summer, turning into chocolate brown; hence, its popular name. The viewing deck for the famous Philippine hills is located at Carmen, Bohol.  Also in Bohol is the sanctuary of Tarsiers.  One of the endangered species found only in the Philippines.  You can pay a visit to our little friends here to complete your fauna adventure.  You can take a flight to Tagbilaran to reach Bohol’s famous hills.


Islas de Gigantes Iloilo

Islas de Gigantes, Iloilo

If you love Boracay Island in Aklan, you would surely love Islas de Gigantes. Located at the northern part of Panay Island, this is a group of 10 islands to which you can enjoy white, soft, powdery sand beaches.  Beach enthusiasts would enjoy its beauty as it is less crowded and city-like than other known beaches in the Philippines.  The largest and most visited islands here are Gigantes Norte and Sur.  Going to Islas de Gigantes can be quite a workout but it’ll sure be worth it.  Take a flight to Roxas City and ride a tricycle going to Pueblo de Panay’s terminal for buses.  Ride a bus going to Estancia and alight to Balasan.  Ride a trike going to Bancal Port where you can ride a boat going to these must-see islands.  You might need to take note of the boat ride schedules because it only has 1 trip per day at 10 am.  The other scheduled boat ride at 2pm takes a different route and it might take longer.


Tibiao River Antique

Tibiao River, Antique

Like Siquijor, this province is known for creatures lurking within Filipino folktales.  Although one thing has been proven here; real life adventure awaits. Tibiao river offers kayaking as one of the main attractions.  After the water adventure, you can have a picnic by the river or have a kawa bath (a caldron traditionally used for cooking rice or sugar in the Philippines) with salt, wine, or coffee in it. Going here is similar to Islas de Gigantes. Although once you reached Pueblo de Panay, you need to ride a van going to Kalibo.  There should be a bus going to Antique and you need to alight at Baranggay Importante.  A recommended place to rest in is at the Kayak Inn.


Fuerza de San Pedro Cebu

Fort San Pedro or Fuerza de San Pedro, Cebu

As the Spaniards set foot on our country, they have left the biggest chunk in our history.  Their architecture has been one of their legacies and this is one of them.  If Manila has Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Cebu has Fort San Pedro.  This is also made under the command of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi on May 8, 1565.  If you’re more of a historian than an adventurer, you would surely entice with the paintings, documents and sculptures preserved here that depicts Spain and the Philippines altogether.  Near to the pier area of Cebu, you can easily just take a jeep to Colon Street.  It would be best to read about the place if you are a history junky since there isn’t much information within the fort that you can read about.


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