6 Best Places to Visit in Marikina City

6 Best Places to Travel in Marikina

Are you up for traveling but is just starting to rev it up? Exploring cities and different cuisines can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner, and might hurt the budget altogether. Why not visit a nearby city where you can satisfy your travel and food craving all at the same time without spending too much on transportation and food, but having memorable experiences just the same?

What’s best in Marikina City is that it caters all ages; it is a wholesome city that showcases its reign from being one of the cleanest cities to being one of the most sought food escapade venue in Manila. However, deep within the city, there are still rare finds that you can explore to feed your curiosity, your hunger for knowledge, and nature.


Marikina Shoe Museum

Shoe Museum – JP Rizal St.

Marikina City has been known for being the Shoe Capital of the Philippines because shoemaking is one of the main sources of income here. Don Laureno Guevarra, also known as Kapitan Moy started the shoemaking industry in Marikina.  In what better way should it be represented but through the Shoe Museum? It showcases traditional foot wears from different countries.

One of the most renowned collections within this museum belongs to the former First Lady Imelda Marcos, showcasing her 800-pair shoe collection out of the 3,000 that she had worn during meetings or special occasions during her husband’s presidency. This has become some of the modern local shoemakers’ inspiration that enhances the quality, design and affordability of their products.  Among the collection are shoes worn by past presidents and vice presidents, ambassadors and Marikina City mayors. The Shoe Museum also houses city-sponsored designs for competitions participated by the shoe capital and is located in JP Rizal street. They are open from 8am to 5pm and you would only have to pay PhP 50.00 for the entrance fee.


Philippine Science Centrum Mairkina City

Philippine Science Centrum – Riverbanks Center, Barangka

Kids and kids at heart would also enjoy visiting a Science museum in this city. Philippine Science Centrum is the city’s version of the Mind Museum in Makati. Staying true to their mission which is to promote Science and Technology; the PSC is the pioneer in interactive science providing enthusiastic minds with 100 hands-on activities and 10 exciting galleries to explore. From exploring how the body works to tricking your eyes, this type of adventure will leave you more engaged and driven to explore the world of Science.


Book Museum cum Ethnology Center

Book Museum cum Ethnology Center

Bookworms would definitely be in awe for this next stop. Atty. Dominador Buhain, president of the Rex Group of Companies Bookstore travelled to 224 different countries and Philippine provinces. He did not leave each country ad province empty-handed. Aside from the experiences he gained, he made sure that he brought home books. Hence, the overflowing collection.

Located at Dao St. in Marikina Heights, this museum is divided into sections. The first one has books of the countries he had visited and his recognitions. It also has the smallest (the Lord’s Pryer in 7 languages) and oldest books he have collected, and the replica of his foot. This is probably a symbol of him being the traveler that he is. It also has a section all about the Northern Philippines boasting about its culture and rituals, and some rare artifacts that are not even seen in the National Museum. The third and last section contains the culture of Mindanao, their clothes and weapons. Open from 9am to 4pm, these books are not just for display–you can enjoy reading them as well. Although you know too well that you need to calm yourself down and lower down the excitement as these are personal collections of the owner. You might not want to tear a page.


Marikina River Park

Marikina River Park

Up for some nature-tripping, shopping spree and food-tripping? The Marikina River Park got them all here. If you like watching the sunset and taking photographs of its serenity, it’s all free.  Just stroll down the riverside and have a view of the wide stretch of this body of water while searching for cheap items you can buy alongside it. Hungry for some street foods? They have a wide array of choices here to which you can resort to after long walks. They have improved the river park for years and are continually doing so for Marikeños and out-of-town trippers to enjoy


Marikina City Lilac Street

Lilac St.

After visiting those rare finds in Marikina, you’re probably craving for food to replenish the burnt calories. This place has been the talk of the town for quite some time now for a good reason. If your stomach is ready for a food battle, visit this Lilac street in Marikina and enjoy a variety of cuisines across the world. Travel from Japan, Thailand, Korea, China, Mexico, America and many more by giving your taste buds a treat along this famous street in Concepcion Dos.


crave park ph marikina

Crave Park PH

Food and art most of the times go together, as restaurateurs strive to get the attention of food lovers among the many choices in the industry. Aside from quality, consumers find interesting concepts to please their eyes as well as their stomachs. This latest craze in Marikina, Crave Park PH, combined food and art in one place.  If you’re a food and art lover, you will enjoy the ambiance and the thought of having food variety all in one stop. It has Thai, Japanese, American, Mexican and Filipino foods that are readily available for you to indulge on. If you are the type of person that enjoys convenience in food tripping, this food park will give you that perk. It is located at Brgy. Sto. Nino and is open from 4:00 am to 12:30am.


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