Best Places to Visit in Agusan Del Norte

Best Places to Visit in Agusan Del Norte

Bood Promontory Eco Park

This attraction in Agusan Del Norte is found in Brgy. Pinamanculan in Butuan City. From here you will be able to witness the beauty of Masao and Butuan River. These rivers are historical as they served as trading ports for several Asian Kingdoms, affecting our own economy as well during those times. It is also the center of gold industry from the 10th until 13th century.

Perhaps our history had its own controversy when Catholicism was introduced by the Spaniards during the 1500s. It is claimed that on March 31, 1521, the holy cross was planted and the first mass was held here as well but it is in Leyte that it is more renowned to have happened.

On that note, it is best to have the “intel” on these historical pieces yourself by setting foot on this tourist spot. Do this by experiencing nature at its finest, strolling by the hanging bridge and seeing the outrigger boat or Balangay Monument. Traders and migrants used this for transport in the river during the course of our colorful history.


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Balangay Shrine

This tourist spot is located in Brgy. Libertad and is a unit of the National Museum in Manila. From the name itself, it houses the remnants of the balangay. It also includes ancient coffins, human relics and other relics that contribute to Agusan Del Norte’s rich history.


Mt. Hilong Hilong at Cabadbaran

Located at the eastern part if Cabadbaran lays the 2,012-meter above sea level; the mountain famous for its 7 major waterfalls, virgin caves and rock arts which hikers love to see. It’s a home for the Philippine Wild Cat, Flying Squirrels and Tarsiers.

Mt. Hilong Hilong has been advised to be conquered by intermediate to expert skilled hikers as a measure of its difficulty.


Canoeing at Lake Mainit and Kalinawan River

Lake Mainit is 80 fr. above sea level and 128 meters in depth. It merges 28 rivers in the province of Agusan Del Norte. Unique attractions here are the sacred lotuses (pagosi) and water hyacinths (tabukali).

Kalinawan River is Caraga’s cleanest inland body of water. It is where Lake Mainit exits and is 29.1 km long. Like the Butuan and Masao River, it has been used as trading and missionary route in our country. Both rivers, therefore, are very conducive to a great canoeing experience. Appreciate nature while reliving the ways our ancient descendants and modern natives, as well as one of the oldest tribes (Mamanwas) go by their day to survive life.


Scuba Diving at Carmen

The city of Carmen is known for its several diving sites, home for preserved coral reefs and a mix of different school of fish found at sea. Enjoy the flaura and fauna in the depths of the ocean to see Punta Diwata reefs and Balete Wall. Divers should look forward to sloping wall to cliffs which have depths that ranges from 40 ft. to over a hundred. Diving sites can be visited in barangays Vinapor, Tagcatong & Poblacion.


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