I Am NOT Black You are NOT White Video


Have you guys watched this video from Prince Ea? Here’s his youtube channel link Prince Ea. This video tackles about “labeling.” The video is very compelling.

The video made good example of babies who do not label other babies w/ regards to their color, ethnicity, beliefs, etc. When two babies meet, all they see is another human baby. Conflict arises when we become older and start labeling others.

Think about us being Asians or particularly Filipinos; we are already labeling ourselves as someone different from the other thus we see differences from people not of our own ethnicity. This goes to all and not only us, if we only see ourselves as human beings as well as everyone else, then we’ll be more focused on seeing the similarities among us.

I’m not saying we should throw away our ethnicity or shouldn’t be proud of it; I’m saying is we should ponder on this and take all the positives in this way of thinking.

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